Giving Back: Meet Philanthropy Chair Katie Miller

When I think about KDS as an organization, one of the first attributes that come to mind is our giving of time. It can be a bit mind-boggling when the time is calculated how many hours of individual’s time is shared and collectively as a group of women on campus how much we have accomplished.

I first heard about Kappa Delta Sigma from my older sister who joined in the fall of 2014. Soon after hearing about her experience I knew this was more than just a social group, even as a freshman I saw the how much these women did through their philanthropy. I was lucky enough to attend some of their events such as the Ultimate Frisbee Tournament and the Basketball Tournament, all raising funds towards the Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer. These, in particular, stood out in my mind, and as I became eligible to rush my Sophomore fall, it seemed like the women of KDS had goals and ideals, specifically philanthropic that aligned with my own personal ones.

I personally have always known that I wanted to give back and to find a way to make a difference in others’ lives, but being around others who had similar goals in KDS was one of the first times I felt like I could truly make a real impact. I was elected Philanthropy Chair last Fall and again this Spring and have been excited about every event I’ve put on with the help of my co-chair and my fellow sisters. We are currently in the process of planning our major event, which will be a 5K and Barbecue for Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer during our KDS Alumnae Weekend on April 14th. This will be our second year in a row doing the 5K after the house had stopped putting on 5K’s several years ago. Last year’s 5K was a success, but I believe we can do even better and have even more sister involvement this year! We’re hoping that by holding this even during our Alumnae Weekend we will have even more participation and energy that will make this the best race yet!

kds 5K
Last year (2017) Spring 5K Fundraiser
KDS 5K pic 2
5K Fundraiser T-shirts and Sisters

Being a sister of Kappa Delta Sigma has allowed me to embrace my own passions in life, as well as given me the opportunity to give back to our amazing non-profit organization and our North Country community. It is reassuring to know that I will always have the support of sisters past and present to continue putting on these events and that understand the importance of giving back to others in any way they can!

Katie Miller ’19


Sister Hannah Searle ’15: Why she is Running in the 2018 Boston Marathon

Hannah Searle was a 2015 graduate of St. Lawrence University and a sister of Kappa Delta Sigma. We asked her to tell us about her journey to run the Boston Marathon. Hannah explained, “I was inspired to run the Boston Marathon this April because running has been an outlet for me.  After my assault running became a way for me to escape the world for a moment and just put one foot in front of the other. Depression was a constant battle for me after the assault, and running was the one outlet that I would look forward to everyday.  After I ran my first half marathon with a fellow sister (Katherine Figueroa ’14) I wanted to continue endurance running.  I set a goal for myself on my bucket list to not only complete a marathon, but complete the sought after Boston Marathon.  I love challenging myself and pushing my body to limits I did not think were possible.”

Hannah with sister Paige McGhee. Photo credit: Paige McGhee

Hannah will be running this year in honor of her Uncle Richard who took his own life in March 2017.  Hannah explains her uncle as “One of the kindest men out there, we could share everything with each other and there was nothing I couldn’t come to him with. I miss him every moment of everyday that he is gone. But I know that he would not want us to look on his passing in sadness, but rather look back on him for all that he was. I am going to be running for him because he was not able to find that outlet like I found in running.”

To donate or read more about Hannah’s story, visit her page here.


53 Park

By Kate Bosworth 

On the corner of Park Street and University Ave sits a brick building that proudly displays “KΔΣ” above the front door. Ever since being founded in 1969, the lucky ladies of Kappa Delta Sigma sorority have resided in this palace which includes 1 porch swing, 36 dining room chairs, and a whole lot of bunk beds. To get the inside scoop on what really goes on inside, we asked a few sisters why they love 53 Park so much. Here’s what they said…


What does this house mean to you? 

“To me this house is a place where I come to get off campus, get out of the dorm, and hang out with some upperclassmen that I don’t normally get to see that often. It’s a place for us to all hang out and enjoy each other’s company. It is also a place with a lot of history where we can continue on with the legacy by joining together and be strong independent women on campus. I love KDS!!”

-Jenna Bailey ‘20


What is your favorite memory in the KDS house?

 “My favorite memory is waiting outside of the front door on bid day of Fall 16’ and hearing everyone bang the pots and pans. I was just so excited to see what was going to happen next essentially. During that entire day of doing fun activities, and learning all the songs, it became so clear to me just how much this house values their traditions. I was just really honored to be a part of something as special as KDS because I know so few people get to experience it”

-Gabby Harrison ‘19


What will you miss most about living in KDS?

“There are a million things I could say. Every time I talk to alumni they have told me that the hardest thing to deal with after graduation is not being around your friends all the time. So, I guess I’ll miss not being around all of my friends all the time”

-Libby Roberts ‘18


How to Survive the Cold Dorm

by Alex Godfrey

There’s nothing better than getting to have a slumbie with your favorite gals, especially when it’s every night of the week!

giphy (1).gif

But how could we possibly survive the NoCo subzero temps in the cold dorm (which has no heat and the windows open 24/7)?

I asked a few sisters to give their advice and compiled this list of life hacks to help you get a good night sleep!


Meg O’Connor says “Make sure that you turn on your heated blankets well in advance so you don’t have to wait for them to warm up.”


“Be sure to have pillows that aren’t memory foam so that they won’t freeze, also wear a hat!” says sister Catherine “KTOC” O’Connell


Marissa Saunders urges to “Invest in a heated mattress pad and heated blanket- the combo is essential for prime toastiness, and don’t be scared!”


And if worse comes to worse, you can always just do as sister Sydney Hennegan suggests and “sleep on your futon!”

giphy (2)


Meet the President

by Meghan O’Connor

Hello everyone, Meg O’Connor here and ready to share my excitement as your new KDS President!

I am a junior majoring in Behavioral Neuroscience and minoring in Anthropology. I am currently part of the Women’s Basketball team here at St. Lawrence along with another KDS sister, Jenny Scudder. My major, basketball, and being the KDS president definitely keep me busy but by staying so busy I am able to stay focused on everything! I typically live to the motto of, “Cramming as much stuff into your schedule as you possibly can”.


This is my second semester living in the house, along with my two roommates Olivia St. Pierre and Alex Godfrey, who is our new Vice President. I have lived in the same room both semesters, named BAK of the KAB. Some may not know, but the “BAK” represents the initials some of our past sisters who previously lived in this room (Brooke, Allison, and Kat). My favorite part of living in the house is continuously being surrounded by some of your best friends. No matter the time of day, you can always find a sister to accompany you! Whether it is to hangout, do homework, or just walk to class, you are never alone.

This year I have made it my goal to bring out the different personalities within our sisters and to keep our fun and outgoing reputation alive. I am so excited to serve as the president for this next year. Everyone already has so many great ideas. We all have things that we would love to see happen for this house, and I just can’t wait to work with everyone and strive to make those things happen.


I am continuously amazed at how kind, hardworking, and diverse my KDS sisters are. We are all involved in many clubs, sports teams, and demanding majors but also volunteer and participate in philanthropy events as much as possible. The fact that we are all SO different in many ways is what makes this sorority so unique. Being a part of KDS has forever changed my St. Lawrence experience and I would never have met all of these amazing girls if I had not joined. Although the time I have left at St. Lawrence is slowly dwindling down, I am sure that it will be the best time yet knowing that I have the support and friendship of all these girls.