“What’s One Thing People Don’t Know About You?”

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I decided to run for Social Chair for the spring semester because I love to socialize with the wonderful girls of KDS! I love learning about the individuality that makes each girl in this sorority unique and I think a great way of learning about people is by sharing fun facts about yourself that others don’t know about you. I am infamous for asking this question in any and every group setting. I still have a lot to learn about the 16 other individuals that make up the newest pledge class of KDS so I thought I could learn along with you all some fun facts! I asked and I received! Get ready for these:

Meryl Adams – “I was placed with Gary Dake, the president of Stewart’s shops, through the LINC Mentor program this year!”

Katie Walsh – “I am a huge Buffalo Bills fan!”

Martina Grant – “I have traveled to all 48 states in the continental United States in an RV with my family!”

Jordan Flanagan – “My favorite snack is lemon or lime slices and salt!”

Liv Reynolds – “I am a third generation SLU student!”

Allison Herdje – “I have an identical twin sister, and I have older sisters who are identical twins as well!”

Alli Karmis – “I play four different instruments!”

Nancy Lucier – “I have a twin brother who goes to UCONN!”

Kristin Phillips – “In fourth grade I got a piece of a pencil stuck in my hand and you can still see it to this day!”

Eliza Maher – “I have seven cats, their names are Bubba, Poppy, Lily, Bandit, Paul, Buster, and Snaggletooth!”

Ellie Quinn – “I am the seventh person in my family to go to SLU!”

Grace Robinson – “I have hiked Mt. Katahdin twice and canoed 150 miles on the Allagash River from Baxter State Park to Fort Kent, Maine!”

Marissa Saunders – “I was a part of a Dutch foreign exchange program in high school and I have a twin sister!”

Sydney Baker – “I am a scuba diving instructor, have a love for sharks, and want to do Great White Shark research one day!”

Maddie Holodnik – “I am on the swim team at SLU and my events are the mile, the 500 and the 200!”

Claire Karafanda – “I spent my spring break on a Habitat for Humanity trip in Kentucky!”

Jenna Bailey – “I was born in the middle of the 1998 ice storm and was stuck in the hospital for two days!”

I hope you enjoyed these and I look forward to continue to learn about and cherish the individuality of each KDS girl!

Jenna Bailey


Luke Harvey ’18: In Love and Friendship

Processed with VSCO with x1 presetIt is with a heavy heart that we are sharing the news that yesterday we lost a beloved houseboy and dear friend of Kappa Delta Sigma, Luke Harvey ’18.

Luke was a houseboy for three semesters. We knew from the first day that Luke was going to be a special addition to our house. He immediately filled KDS with his kind, caring demeanor, positive energy, and upbeat nature. We could always count on Luke’s infectious smile to brighten our day. After his first semester, he was unanimously voted into the house every semester thereafter that he was on campus.

Luke would clean dishes, sweep, and mop, with the biggest smile and enthusiasm anyone has ever seen from someone doing chores. We will always remember Luke bounding in through the side door and rounding the corner into the dining room with a huge smile on his face, greeting the whole table with, “What’s up fam?!” Over lunch or dinner, Luke would always make a point to ask anyone at the table how their day was, how their weekend was, or make sure to follow up on any conversations we had the day before. He made everyone feel like they were important and when he spoke to people it was clear he genuinely cared about their response.

We would often laugh about Luke being a KDS “sister” because he was so much a part of our family that we often didn’t feel the title houseboy was enough to describe his relationship with the house. This spring, the houseboys received visors, and his read “House Boy Luke.” We joked that he never took it off and should maybe wash it sometime because he loved it so much.

There are so many things that we are going to miss about Luke. We’re going to miss him reminding us to only use real Vermont syrup and never the fake stuff. We’re going to miss the entertainment of him doing pushups in-between dishes because he needed to “bulk up.” We’re going to miss hearing about his latest Geology adventures or the new amazing rock he found. But most of all we are going to miss his laughter, spirit, love of life, and friendship.

Cheers to you, Luke, for all of the laughter, shenanigans, and positivity you have spread to others. May all of us live a little more like you did. We are so proud to have known you and will cherish the moments we spent together forever. We cannot put into words how much we will miss you.

The sisters of Kappa Delta Sigma’s hearts are with the Harvey Family, the brothers of Alpha Tao Omega and everyone who knew and loved Luke.

Counseling Services for students are available at any hour and can be accessed by calling Safety & Security at 315-229-5555.

In Love and Friendship.


Below are words from a few of his closest friends:

Sister Libby Roberts:

Maddie St. Pierre and I met Luke while volunteering with the Rotaract Club during our spring semester of sophomore year. Immediately after leaving the food pantry, I turned to Maddie and told her that I wanted Luke to be a houseboy for KDS in the coming semesters. From the short interaction that we had shared with him, we knew he would fit into our house. He was caring, kind, respectful and responsible.  I do not think I am wrong in saying that he fit in perfectly.  Everyone loved Luke Harvey and his presence in our house and around our campus. Through the good times and the bad times, Luke’s smiling face has been there to comfort and console myself and all of my sisters. We are truly so lucky to have had such a wonderful man in our lives. Luke always spoke very highly of his friends and family, never saying a bad word about anyone. We will miss him dearly.

Sister Maddie St. Pierre:

A few memories of Luke:

Rocks- Luke loved rocks and always knew which type of rock it was. He would collect rocks on every hike even if it meant hiking 12 hours with 10 extra pounds of rocks in his pack.

Luke loved to cook for everyone. We spent many nights in New Zealand waiting for Luke to finish his famous mac-n-cheese so we could devour it. He would make sure everyone got some before he would eat and if there wasn’t enough he would REFUSE to eat any so that everyone else could, even the random strangers who would walk by asking for some.

He always talked about his family, how incredibly smart and personable his brother was. He would say “I wish you could meet him because he’s just so good at everything, he puts me to shame.” He talked with so much pride about his close-knit family and the town he came from. He loved playing sports and exploring outdoors. He would always say how out of shape he was, then beat everyone up the mountain and make it look effortless.

Even when he would be exhausted from working so hard or having stayed up all night to get work done he would STILL be smiling from ear to ear. I’ve never met a person as happy and selfless as Luke. His smile could make any bad day better.

Luke would make extreme amounts of peanut butter and jellies and hit his max of 10 PB&J’s before hiking the Kepler Track in New Zealand.

One night we played the board game ‘Catan’ in NZ and Luke tried helping me beat my flat mates by giving me his resource cards just because he wanted to see me win.

One time we were in the airport in New Zealand and Luke agreed to watch a complete stranger’s luggage for 5 hours (we had to lecture him on being too nice).

Sister Bella DiNicola:

Luke was a very special person to everyone who was lucky enough to know him. KDS became his home and he became part of our family. Not a single member of KDS is pardoned from the deep sadness and horror of this loss. One thing I will miss in particular is walking into the house and seeing his beautiful smile or hearing him in the kitchen, singing the wrong words to Harrison’s music while he mopped the floors. He was the most selfless people I have ever met. He had a genuine concern for everyone’s happiness and always put others before himself. He was a friend to everyone and his heart was always open to anyone in need. Although our time was cut short, he and I became very close very quickly and our love for each other was so strong. As you will hear from anyone who knew him, whether it be a friend of several years or someone who had only met him a few times, there is not a single negative thing to say about Luke Harvey. He is loved so deeply by each and every one of us. Words cannot describe the immense loss we are all feeling and how much we will miss his beautiful soul.

Houseboy Harrison Feldman:

I did not know Luke until spring of 2016 when he rushed ATO. I was already a brother at that point, having rushed the previous semester. We became friends pretty quick however it was not until this past fall when we really solidified our friendship through our experience as working in the kitchen of KDS as houseboys. Through this opportunity, I got to see what made Luke so special. No matter what was going on Luke always had a smile on his face. No matter how many dishes we had to clean or how tedious the work Luke always brought a contagious smile and energy that brightened up my day. That genuine positive nature is why I and so many others gravitated towards Luke. One of my fondest memories of Luke is this running joke we had, that we were going to raise a kid together. We thought we would be the unbelievable parenting duo and that we should just raise a kid together after college. I will carry the multitude of other memories that I have of Luke with me for the rest of my life and try to approach every task in a manner that I know Luke would, with unparalleled positive energy and a smile ear to ear.


What KDS Means to the Newest Class of 2020!

by Liv Reynolds

I was always hesitant about the rush process but I can now say, having gone through it, that it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Being part of KDS has opened my eyes to an amazing group of girls who are passionate leaders, kind philanthropists, active in the St. Lawrence community, on the athletic fields, and who share one thing in common: three letters.

These letters are more than simply letters; they hold an inspiring and unique history that attracts girls who mirror the values that KDS is founded on. KDS is a truly amazing group of girls that I am so excited to be a part of. Here are some quotes from my fellow class of the Fall 2020 Pledge Class on how KDS has impacted each and every one of us!


“To me it’s a group of extremely active girls that do so much on campus and KDS is our one mutual thing we all love. It really brought me closer to people I otherwise wouldn’t of met.”

-Alli Karmis


“KDS is important to me because it has given me the opportunity to be a part of a close group of girls who have become my best friends. Although we are all different in our own ways, we all join together to share our love for KDS.”

-Grace Robinson


“KDS is a place where I have met girls from all different backgrounds and interests who now I can call my friends!”

-Jenna Bailey


“I was nervous leaving high school and my close-knit group of friend but KDS has introduced me to the best group of girls and couldn’t be happier!”

-Katie Walsh


“I love KDS because it’s really given me a sense of community here at SLU. I love how every girl in KDS is so unique, and I think that’s what makes KDS such a great group of girls.”

-Martina Grant


“To me, KDS is more than just a social network. It is a group of intelligent, hard working, and fun women who together have a wide diversity of interests on and off campus, coming together to create a welcoming environment and standing up for what we believe in.”

-Kristen Phillips


“I love being part of KDS because I get to be inspired by a group of talented girls involved in so many organizations all over campus.”

-Jordan Flanagan


“KDS is such an amazing group of girls that make me feel right at home on campus. I love KDS!”

-Ellie Quinn


“I couldn’t be more proud to be a member of KDS. They’re family and KDS has felt like home to me the moment I stepped through the front door. I am grateful each and every day I get to be a part of such a well-respected organization of powerful young women at SLU.”

Marissa Saunders




A Letter to KDS Alumnae

After having the privilege of being visited by Molly “Mullady” Arbogast this past week, I am reminded that our alumni are an inspiring and impressive group of women who deserve to be recognized far more often. Today, and every day, I feel extremely fortunate to share a community as unique as KDS with these extraordinary women, and therefore feel it is only fair to write a short note to all of our alumni.

Alumni networking is a very familiar concept for anyone that attends St. Lawrence University, but I never considered it a major reason to rush KDS in the fall of 2016. After being accepted as a sister later that fall, the house immediately began preparing for alumni weekend. To be blatantly honest, I understood the importance of alumni, but I did not expect the house to be buzzing with excitement. The entire month beforehand, I would have older sisters approach me, telling me how excited they were for me to meet alumni. If I was lucky, sisters would tell me I reminded them of certain sisters who had graduated. From the stories I heard, the legends that remained, and the smiles I saw from the faces of sisters who shared their memories of alumni with me, I knew that every group of women who roamed these halls was special.

Alumni weekend came around, and all I have to say is this: I was not disappointed. Each sister who visited impressed me in every way imaginable. Whether I was speaking to a sister who graduated two years ago, or twelve years ago, I was constantly captivated by the strength, optimism, authenticity, and passion of every sister. By the end of alumni weekend, I had a dozen new best friends who I could reach out to despite the short time we had gotten to know each other. Being a sister of KDS brings us together, and I am honored by the ability to share an experience as special as membership of this incredible community with women who continually amaze me in everything they do.

So, to our alumni, thank you. I cannot fathom a world in which this wonderful house, the women who live in it, and the women who continue to represent us all around the world, does not exist. Thank you for making this house a home, especially one that holds acceptance of all people in the highest regard. For giving me the best support system that I have ever experienced, and friends that will last a lifetime. For the “good morning” I need to hear when I am up too early to study, the cup of tea made for me when I am sick, and the unyielding love that accompanies me down the road less traveled, thank you. I can easily say that without this community that each graduating class since 1969 has built for us, I would not be the strong woman I am today. One that has so many passions, is excited about the future, and knows that end of the day, there is very little laughing with her sisters over a slice of Sergi’s cannot fix.

In love and friendship,

Gabrielle Harrison

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The Real EMS Girls of KDS

Over a decade and half old, St. Lawrence Emergency Medical Services (SLU EMS) has provided students on Basic Life Support (BLS) First Response services to the St. Lawrence University campus and surrounding area 24 hours for every week students are on campus.  The organization also serves as stand-bys for major University athletic and social events.  Responding to a variety of calls, from sports injuries to headaches to intoxicated patients, SLU EMS is composed of 25 students who are either NY-state certified EMTs or First Responders.

Two sisters, Marissa Saunders and Sydney Baker sat down together to talk about their unique experiences being part of the newest pledge class of KDS and members of SLU EMS together.

Read Marissa’s perspective, written by Sydney:

Originally from Whately, Massachusetts, Marissa has a twin sister and danced for fifteen years back at home.  She wants to have a career in healthcare management or healthcare administration and her dream job would be being a CEO of a hospital. In the summers past, she worked at a candy store.

“My perfect day would be visiting a beach town in New England,  exploring the village, eating at a cute cafe, and ending the night with a long walk on the beach at sunset with her dog and family for good company. ” Marissa Saunders, Class 2020, giggles through her answer.

At St. Lawrence Marissa is a biology major, and joined both SLU EMS and KDS in the Fall of 2017.  She hopes to participate in a summer study abroad program in either Croatia or Denmark during her time at SLU. On top of juggling a hectic schedule, Marissa is both the treasurer for the Panhellenic Council and Dance Team, an intern for Planned Giving at SLU, is a member of the PLEN Chapter, and is the assistant treasurer for KDS.

When asked why she wanted to join KDS, Marissa’s whole face lights up as she says, “Why wouldn’t I have wanted to join KDS, I wanted to be a part of an organization of a strong, caring, and motivated, young women at St. Lawrence.  I wanted to be a part of something more meaningful and from the moment I started meeting sisters, I knew there would not have been a more perfect fit for me.”

Marissa enjoys spending time with KDS sisters and some of her favorite activities on campus include chilling in The Den while drinking a cup of Mexican hot chocolate, porch sitting at KDS, and taking a stroll through the Enchanted Forest. Marissa’s favorite day of the week is Taco Tuesday and Bill’s brownies warm her heart from the inside out.

As we sit by the fireplace on the second floor of the student center, she pulls her Bean boots up onto the “comfy chairs,” and answers ‘what is it like to be a first responder?’

“I’ve always had a passion for healthcare and healthcare delivery.  I just like helping people and having an impact on their lives.  For me [SLU EMS] is a perfect way to serve the community.”

“[As a First Responder] I take vitals [blood-pressures, pulses, lung sounds, and pupil dilation].  Fall Fest is one of our biggest events of the year and this past semester it was actually my first time ever being on a call.  I learned so much that day!”  Marissa scratches the surface level of being on SLU EMS.  For many, SLU EMS is a form of reassurance that provides pre-hospital emergency care to all persons in need.  For students who are away from their families and experiencing real medical emergencies on their own for most likely the first time in their lives, SLU EMS is peer-friendly organization that serves the community.

The girls change roles, and Marissa interviews Sydney:

Sydney grew up in Darien, Connecticut and has an older brother that lives in Spain. At home she swam competitively and played water polo for almost her entire life before she caught the travel bug and developed a passion for outdoor adventures. In the future, Sydney hopes to be a Shark biologist for some time before she starts her own outdoor education company, travel magazine, and hopes to ultimately be named a National Geographic Explorer.

“My perfect day would be waking up on my own boat at sunrise, either sailing in Croatia or New Zealand, and I would go scuba diving, where I would definitely see lots and lots of sharks.  After, I would sail to a new town, get off my boat, hike, and explore the local cultures. Then, I would have a nice meal at a local hole-in-the-wall restaurant. This is a really long day, but I would want to go surfing until sunset and then wind down at night by listening to local, live music, and finally reading my book to do it all over again the next day.” Sydney Baker, a sophomore, grappled with all of the endless possibilities for her outdoor adventure of a perfect day.

Sydney is a double major in Global Studies and Conservation Biology. In addition to KDS and being an EMT on campus, she is the FIRST EVER Diversity Chair on the Panhellenic Council, conducts independent research with Nature Up North, is a conversation partner with an international student, writes for The Hill News, and a member of the Environmental Action Organization.

Sydney loves to get coffee at the bookstore before embarking on a ski excursion or hike. After spending a day outside, she would get dinner at Dana Dining Hall and then hangout with her friends and KDS sisters before going to a concert at Java! Her favorite accessory: glitter.

In Sydney’s hometown, they have an independent volunteer organization led by high school age students called Darien EMS Post 53. She went through the selection process when she was just 14 years old and obtained her EMT license when she was 16. She has been going on calls and working as a care provider for seven years! When she came to SLU after she did the London FYP, joining SLU EMS seemed like the perfect way to dive into the SLU community by doing what she loves and is passionate about. The most rewarding part of SLU EMS for Sydney is being able to help people and it is wonderful to be a part of an organization where she can continuously give back to the community.

Sydney really enjoys sitting in on SLU EMS ride-abouts, on weekend nights “on call” members spend time together driving around in the EMS vehicle monitoring campus. She says ride-abouts are the perfect opportunity to genuinely get to know team members. It reminds her of her other EMS organization back home which she loves so much.


KDS is an organization where we are surrounded by other leaders and people with lifelong affections for community service. Our sisters push us to work harder, and we constantly feel supported. These strong values are what we try to bring back to our house and love to share with others.

by Sydney Baker and Marissa Saunders