Luke Harvey ’18: In Love and Friendship

Processed with VSCO with x1 presetIt is with a heavy heart that we are sharing the news that yesterday we lost a beloved houseboy and dear friend of Kappa Delta Sigma, Luke Harvey ’18.

Luke was a houseboy for three semesters. We knew from the first day that Luke was going to be a special addition to our house. He immediately filled KDS with his kind, caring demeanor, positive energy, and upbeat nature. We could always count on Luke’s infectious smile to brighten our day. After his first semester, he was unanimously voted into the house every semester thereafter that he was on campus.

Luke would clean dishes, sweep, and mop, with the biggest smile and enthusiasm anyone has ever seen from someone doing chores. We will always remember Luke bounding in through the side door and rounding the corner into the dining room with a huge smile on his face, greeting the whole table with, “What’s up fam?!” Over lunch or dinner, Luke would always make a point to ask anyone at the table how their day was, how their weekend was, or make sure to follow up on any conversations we had the day before. He made everyone feel like they were important and when he spoke to people it was clear he genuinely cared about their response.

We would often laugh about Luke being a KDS “sister” because he was so much a part of our family that we often didn’t feel the title houseboy was enough to describe his relationship with the house. This spring, the houseboys received visors, and his read “House Boy Luke.” We joked that he never took it off and should maybe wash it sometime because he loved it so much.

There are so many things that we are going to miss about Luke. We’re going to miss him reminding us to only use real Vermont syrup and never the fake stuff. We’re going to miss the entertainment of him doing pushups in-between dishes because he needed to “bulk up.” We’re going to miss hearing about his latest Geology adventures or the new amazing rock he found. But most of all we are going to miss his laughter, spirit, love of life, and friendship.

Cheers to you, Luke, for all of the laughter, shenanigans, and positivity you have spread to others. May all of us live a little more like you did. We are so proud to have known you and will cherish the moments we spent together forever. We cannot put into words how much we will miss you.

The sisters of Kappa Delta Sigma’s hearts are with the Harvey Family, the brothers of Alpha Tao Omega and everyone who knew and loved Luke.

Counseling Services for students are available at any hour and can be accessed by calling Safety & Security at 315-229-5555.

In Love and Friendship.


Below are words from a few of his closest friends:

Sister Libby Roberts:

Maddie St. Pierre and I met Luke while volunteering with the Rotaract Club during our spring semester of sophomore year. Immediately after leaving the food pantry, I turned to Maddie and told her that I wanted Luke to be a houseboy for KDS in the coming semesters. From the short interaction that we had shared with him, we knew he would fit into our house. He was caring, kind, respectful and responsible.  I do not think I am wrong in saying that he fit in perfectly.  Everyone loved Luke Harvey and his presence in our house and around our campus. Through the good times and the bad times, Luke’s smiling face has been there to comfort and console myself and all of my sisters. We are truly so lucky to have had such a wonderful man in our lives. Luke always spoke very highly of his friends and family, never saying a bad word about anyone. We will miss him dearly.

Sister Maddie St. Pierre:

A few memories of Luke:

Rocks- Luke loved rocks and always knew which type of rock it was. He would collect rocks on every hike even if it meant hiking 12 hours with 10 extra pounds of rocks in his pack.

Luke loved to cook for everyone. We spent many nights in New Zealand waiting for Luke to finish his famous mac-n-cheese so we could devour it. He would make sure everyone got some before he would eat and if there wasn’t enough he would REFUSE to eat any so that everyone else could, even the random strangers who would walk by asking for some.

He always talked about his family, how incredibly smart and personable his brother was. He would say “I wish you could meet him because he’s just so good at everything, he puts me to shame.” He talked with so much pride about his close-knit family and the town he came from. He loved playing sports and exploring outdoors. He would always say how out of shape he was, then beat everyone up the mountain and make it look effortless.

Even when he would be exhausted from working so hard or having stayed up all night to get work done he would STILL be smiling from ear to ear. I’ve never met a person as happy and selfless as Luke. His smile could make any bad day better.

Luke would make extreme amounts of peanut butter and jellies and hit his max of 10 PB&J’s before hiking the Kepler Track in New Zealand.

One night we played the board game ‘Catan’ in NZ and Luke tried helping me beat my flat mates by giving me his resource cards just because he wanted to see me win.

One time we were in the airport in New Zealand and Luke agreed to watch a complete stranger’s luggage for 5 hours (we had to lecture him on being too nice).

Sister Bella DiNicola:

Luke was a very special person to everyone who was lucky enough to know him. KDS became his home and he became part of our family. Not a single member of KDS is pardoned from the deep sadness and horror of this loss. One thing I will miss in particular is walking into the house and seeing his beautiful smile or hearing him in the kitchen, singing the wrong words to Harrison’s music while he mopped the floors. He was the most selfless people I have ever met. He had a genuine concern for everyone’s happiness and always put others before himself. He was a friend to everyone and his heart was always open to anyone in need. Although our time was cut short, he and I became very close very quickly and our love for each other was so strong. As you will hear from anyone who knew him, whether it be a friend of several years or someone who had only met him a few times, there is not a single negative thing to say about Luke Harvey. He is loved so deeply by each and every one of us. Words cannot describe the immense loss we are all feeling and how much we will miss his beautiful soul.

Houseboy Harrison Feldman:

I did not know Luke until spring of 2016 when he rushed ATO. I was already a brother at that point, having rushed the previous semester. We became friends pretty quick however it was not until this past fall when we really solidified our friendship through our experience as working in the kitchen of KDS as houseboys. Through this opportunity, I got to see what made Luke so special. No matter what was going on Luke always had a smile on his face. No matter how many dishes we had to clean or how tedious the work Luke always brought a contagious smile and energy that brightened up my day. That genuine positive nature is why I and so many others gravitated towards Luke. One of my fondest memories of Luke is this running joke we had, that we were going to raise a kid together. We thought we would be the unbelievable parenting duo and that we should just raise a kid together after college. I will carry the multitude of other memories that I have of Luke with me for the rest of my life and try to approach every task in a manner that I know Luke would, with unparalleled positive energy and a smile ear to ear.

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