A Letter to KDS Alumnae

After having the privilege of being visited by Molly “Mullady” Arbogast this past week, I am reminded that our alumni are an inspiring and impressive group of women who deserve to be recognized far more often. Today, and every day, I feel extremely fortunate to share a community as unique as KDS with these extraordinary women, and therefore feel it is only fair to write a short note to all of our alumni.

Alumni networking is a very familiar concept for anyone that attends St. Lawrence University, but I never considered it a major reason to rush KDS in the fall of 2016. After being accepted as a sister later that fall, the house immediately began preparing for alumni weekend. To be blatantly honest, I understood the importance of alumni, but I did not expect the house to be buzzing with excitement. The entire month beforehand, I would have older sisters approach me, telling me how excited they were for me to meet alumni. If I was lucky, sisters would tell me I reminded them of certain sisters who had graduated. From the stories I heard, the legends that remained, and the smiles I saw from the faces of sisters who shared their memories of alumni with me, I knew that every group of women who roamed these halls was special.

Alumni weekend came around, and all I have to say is this: I was not disappointed. Each sister who visited impressed me in every way imaginable. Whether I was speaking to a sister who graduated two years ago, or twelve years ago, I was constantly captivated by the strength, optimism, authenticity, and passion of every sister. By the end of alumni weekend, I had a dozen new best friends who I could reach out to despite the short time we had gotten to know each other. Being a sister of KDS brings us together, and I am honored by the ability to share an experience as special as membership of this incredible community with women who continually amaze me in everything they do.

So, to our alumni, thank you. I cannot fathom a world in which this wonderful house, the women who live in it, and the women who continue to represent us all around the world, does not exist. Thank you for making this house a home, especially one that holds acceptance of all people in the highest regard. For giving me the best support system that I have ever experienced, and friends that will last a lifetime. For the “good morning” I need to hear when I am up too early to study, the cup of tea made for me when I am sick, and the unyielding love that accompanies me down the road less traveled, thank you. I can easily say that without this community that each graduating class since 1969 has built for us, I would not be the strong woman I am today. One that has so many passions, is excited about the future, and knows that end of the day, there is very little laughing with her sisters over a slice of Sergi’s cannot fix.

In love and friendship,

Gabrielle Harrison

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